Basic Compass Use

Enclosed is the Basic Compass Use course. It is intended as an aid to assist the Merit Badge Counselor in the presentation of the merit badge to a group of scouts when used in-lieu of the traditional one-to-one (Maintaining YPT guidelines) method. These are aids for use by a Merit Badge Counselor that is knowledgeable in the subject and can "fill in the blanks" and expand on the points in the material. It is not intended as an all encompassing complete stand alone program.

The scout leadership regularly reviews and updates its training programs, however, it is up to the counselor to make sure the materials contained here are the most current and meet the requirements of the merit badge before using them.

LP-02_Basic Compass Use.pdf

Lesson Plan for use by the counselor

WB-02_Basic Compass Use.pdf

Scout Workbook

SL-02_Basic Compass Use.pdf

Powerpoint Presentation in PDF format. If you would like a copy of the powerpoint presentation, it is available by email request to